Saturday, 13 November 2010

Suggestions for Improving Transport in Dhaka

Suggestions for Improving Transport in Dhaka

1. Maintain the use of rickshaws by
a) Canceling all planned bans on rickshaws from different roads;
b) Creating rickshaw-only lanes on major streets (including those that currently ban rickshaws), and
c) Considering a gradual shift to improved rickshaws that are easier to maneuver and more comfortable for passengers. If the rickshaw licensing system is to be maintained, set a higher level for the number of rickshaws, and base it on research into which all citizens can have input.

2. Cancel all plans for future flyovers, and use transportation budgets to improve public transit and conditions for NMT ( Non motorized transport) .

3. Make cars less affordable and available through reducing import of cars, raising registration fees and taxes, and restricting licenses.

4. Ban cars from small streets and lanes and from congested areas, and greatly reduce parking. Enforce a ban on parking on footpaths and on major streets.

5. Make cycling more safe and attractive by providing separate bicycle lanes on all major roads (creating a continuous cycle lane throughout the city) and by giving bicycles priority at traffic signals so they aren


  1. Stupid ideas that are obsolete in any modern country.

  2. Please ban all illegal manual vehicles like rickshaw, van, electric rickshaw, pulling carts (except bicycle) inside Dhaka city and introduce double decker buses to replace them. Rickshaw and vans might be allowed in the small lanes during daytime and in major roads after 9 or 10 pm (but must be licensed and should pay taxes for using the roads).